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GFWC Illinois

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GFWC Illinois

GFWC Mission Statement

GFWC Illinois is a philanthropic organization dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness of its member clubs’ service to local and international communities; community improvement; and enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service.

3 Great Reasons to Join

Volunteer opportunities for women to better their communities.

Women networking toward common goals and mutual interest.

Personal growth through leadership training and development.

Visitors to our website since March 15, 2007

GFWC Illinois Federation of Women's Clubs membership ranges from ages 12 to 100!  

Almost 8000 women, in about 250 clubs, throughout the state of Illinois, in small towns and big cities, have found fun and fellowship working together with over 100,000 women world wide to improve their communities and support charities and important causes.  In the past GFWC has supported the installation of street lights nationwide, the painting of white lines in the center of highways, the installation of seat belts in our automobiles, supported soldiers and veterans, and worked to fight child abuse to name just a few of our programs.

The GFWC Illinois State Project is:  Our Promise A Safe Place for Every Child (prevention of child abuse).  Today the signature project of all GFWC clubs worldwide is to work to fight domestic violence, because THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR ABUSE.

Won’t you join with us and become a member of GFWC Illinois?  A list of our clubs in your area can be found by calling our office in Joliet or visit this page to see clubs that have their own web sites.

Our members belong to one of GFWC's three divisions:

    * General clubs, in every state and internationally, whose members range in age from 18 to 102

    * Junior clubs, in 25 states, whose members meet the requirements for Junior membership in their state

    * Juniorette clubs, sponsored by women's or Junior women's clubs, whose members are middle school, junior high school, and high school students

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GFWC Illinois State Convention.

Follow this link to see more pictures from the 2013 Convention.

GFWC Illinois State Convention

May, 2013

Convention Registration Deadline April 15. Late Reservations accepted until May 1.