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Living the Volunteer Spirit


Christmas day was wonderful,

Food and family and fun.

Then someone brought out a camera

For pictures of everyone.

We looked at last year's photos next

And suddenly I could see

A person I didn't know there

In the midst of my family.

A white haired little old lady

With a sadly wrinkled face

Squinted her eyes as she looked about

What was she doing in my place?

I'm sure when I'm that old, I thought,

I'll stay out of the camera's view.

Then my daughter peered over my shoulder and said

"That's a good picture of you!"

I looked again and sure enough,

It was a picture of me.

It's not the way I think I look

But that's what others must see.

A snapshot shows but a moment in time

But it's said pictures never lie.

From now on when a camera appears

I'll duck behind someone nearby!

Dorothy Vo!Kert

Antioch Women's Club District 10, Illinois