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First Snow

SNOW! Darn, I wanted to shop this morning then go to the Woman's Club meeting. Now it'll be icy cold, the roads will be a mess, and I won't be able to wear my new shoes. "Snow spoils everything," I grumbled as I poured a cup of coffee.

I warmed my hands against the steaming mug as I looked out the window at the blinding sparkle of snow covering my back yard. "Remember the fun we kids had on snowy days like this?" I mused.

Suddenly I saw movement below me in the white covered expanse. I moved closer and looked down to see the yard filled with children, some making snow angels, others throwing snowballs and tossing up fists of flakes and catching them on extended tongues as if they were flavored with peppermint. One group rolled big balls of snow to make a snowman. Like a true GFWC member, I wondered why snow women were never created.

The children ran back and forth making tracks that looked like little rabbits had been hopping about. Then i saw her, a little girl in a red wool coat. Her legs were garbed in striped knitted leggings that disappeared into black rubber galoshes with buckles haphazardly fastened. Tufts of dark hair peeked out from under a red knitted stocking cap.

I watched as the child looked up at my window and hesitantly curled her mittened fingers at me in greeting. A big smile broke through her sober look as if she might have recognized me.

That little girl looks just like pictures of me, I thought, and my heart beat faster as I remembered the thrill of the first snow of the season and the fun we all had. I had a red coat and striped leggings just like hers that my grandmother made for me. I could never buckle my galoshes right, but how I loved the snow.

Tears prickled my eyes and I rubbed them then dabbed them with a tissue. I then looked down to see the girl again, but the yard was coated with pristine snow, not a mark or track to show that children, even a single child had been there.

I drew in a tremulous breath and turned as I heard a soft sound behind me, but no one was there, only a set of snowy little boot prints leading directly to the spot where I stood.

Without a thought I grabbed my down jacket and scarf and dashed down the stairs and out the door. I flopped down on my back in the smooth soft snow and moved my arms and legs to create a perfect snow angel.

Lying there I peered up at the window and was sure I saw a little shadow looking out at me. I smiled and waved and whispered "Thank you."

I lay there another moment in the soft snow with a happy heart and I was sure that I heard the merry laughter of a little girl.

Dorothy Vo!Kert

Antioch Women's Club District 10, Illinois

Short Story

"First Snow"

1st Place Award Short Story