Located in the West Central part of the state


Organized in 1895


¨ Abingdon Junior Woman’s Club

¨ Annawan-Alba Woman’s Club

¨ Avon Woman’s Club

¨ Galesburg Junior Woman’s Club

¨ Geneseo  Woman’s Club

¨ GFWC Volunteers Junior Woman’s Club

¨ Williamsfield Home Culture Club

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Text Box: A “10-carat diamond”
Celebration was held  April 20, 2010 to honor its
100th annual convention

Officers of the District

President - Lois Farber

Vice President - Teresa Sanford

Recording Secretary - Kim Schwarzkopf

Corresponding Secretary -  Rayanne Burrack

Treasurer - Valerie Plumley

District Director of Junior Clubs - Deb Holmes